We provide comprehensive high quality histologic diagnosis for a variety of gastrointestinal biopsies and surgical specimens, including esophagus and stomach, small and large bowel, liver biopsies, and pancreatic tumors, as well as cytologic diagnosis on brushings or fluids. Appropriate special stains are routinely utilized for identification of H. pylori or other pathogenic organisms, specialized columnar epithelium of Barrett’s esophagus, and histologic parameters of liver disease including fibrosis, iron load, and presence of hepatocellular inclusions such as alpha-1 antitrypsin. A broad menu of antibodies for immunohistochemistry includes those useful for confirmation of H. pylori, amoeba, or viral infection, and identification of neoplastic site of origin. Additionally, immunohistochemical evaluation of her2 expression for gastric carcinoma and mismatch repair protein expression for colorectal carcinoma are available.