Mission Pathology Consultants, Inc. provides a comprehensive, discrete hematopathology service with two experienced board certified hematopathologists, Mathew DeNicola, MD and John C. Blaustein, MD. As such, our hematopathologists are available around the clock to serve our consulting Hematologists and other physicians. From review of peripheral blood smears, to lymph node/tissue interpretations and performing and interpreting bone marrows within the latest guidelines while incorporating molecular studies, to interpreting flow cytometry studies by on site instrumentation, to serving as coagulation resources, Mission Pathology covers the entire gamut of the hematopathology discipline. Our hematopathologists contribute to a popular online reference in hematology known as www.HematologyOutlines.com with its highly rated free IPhone and IPad applications. Both Dr. DeNicola and Dr. Blaustein are contributors for this site and these online resources also include a very user friendly Hematology Atlas which can also be used for showing patients their respective hematologic disorders at the cellular level and to explain the disease processes with visually stimulating diagrams and images/cartoons. Hopefully you will find them useful for your patients.

A weekly hematology conference with lunch provided is offered to the hematologists at the multi-headed microscope on all but the first Thursday of the month.

Feel free to visit the free online website at www.HematologyOutlines.com or to download the free iPhone and iPad App from the app store.