Hematology Specimens

The laboratory at Cottage Hospital is capable of handling a complete array of hematologic specimens. Physicians requiring assistance on their bone marrow specimens can obtain assistance from our technologists Monday thru Friday. Weekend bone marrows will be processed by coordinating with the on call pathologist. Drs. Blaustein and DeNicola are also available to perform bone marrow examinations either in the inpatient or outpatient setting. The option to perform these under conscious sedation
is available.

Our hematopathologist, Drs. John Blaustein and Dr. DeNicola, will evaluate the aspirate smears shortly after they have been prepared and one slide stained by a rapid Wright’s stain to determine the appropriateness of flow cytometry and cytogenetics. In coordination with the oncologist, the pathologist will triage the various tubes to the bench technicians for either send out to City of Hope (cytogenetics) or Cottage Flow Cytometry.
A variety of other tissue specimens should be sent fresh to the laboratory, or a pathologist should be involved with the initial consult when the tissue is removed. This is crucial, as only freshly obtained tissue can be placed in RPMI for flow cytometry.

In addition to bone marrow send outs to City of Hope for cytogenetic analysis, other specialized hematologic tests are becoming more and more commonplace. These include an array molecular tests (FISH prognostic panels for CLL and myeloma, bcr-abl by pcr and/or FISH, JAK-2, etc.).

Contact the Department of Pathology or either hematopathologist for questions about hematology specimen submission.