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Mission Pathology Consultants: Focused on quality

Mission Pathology Consultants (MPC) is committed to a culture and practice of outstanding quality.

We view quality not as a destination, but as a continuous interrogation of practices and striving for improvement. Any suboptimal result is treated as an opportunity to rigorously evaluate both the processes leading to that result and the protocols for handling negative outcomes. We seek feedback from all levels of laboratory colleagues, clinical colleagues and others, and use that feedback to evaluate and improve upon all aspects of our practice.

A culture of quality is cultivated through open sharing by all pathologists of any learning opportunities; a practice centered around our daily consensus conference. MPC has a rigorous set of defined quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) practices. QA/QC statistics are compiled and analyzed by the Chair of the Department, and we comprehensively re-evaluate our QA/QC plan and data collection at least annually.

We work to remain abreast of new developments, and to comply with all evidence-based, consensus and expert guidelines. MPC has designated ‘point’ pathologists who are tasked with remaining up to date with all new literature in their area, actively engaging with and seeking feedback from the relevant clinicians, participating in multidisciplinary tumor boards and hospital department meetings, and standardizing practice patterns within the group.

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